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Intrica is not just another manged web hosting service with packed servers and no additional support, our renowned customer support spans to our hosting package with a full monitoring service of your website. We can support both small business websites and large, high traffic websites too. We offer both Plesk and cPanel hosting control panels and have full rack access to our servers as well as a dedicated hosting service. We ensure our servers are never crammed full and only allow a few websites per server, ensuring your website is allocated with plenty of resources for speed and accessibility – which in turn aids the ranking, performance and conversions on your site.

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Web hosting is the dedicated server where all the files for your website reside.

You have a domain name, that’s the actual address just like your residential address. The content within your address is where all your files (or in your home, belongings) are. Just as mail addressed to your home is used to find your residence, the domain name points to the hosting so internet users can find your website.

All sites on the world wide web, need web hosting.

We offer different types of hosting plans so you get the one that’s right for you. We also offer domain name registration.

Many of our clients have been using our managed web hosting with us for years, from small local businesses to well-known brands which require high bandwidth and up-time. Investing in quality web hosting with full support and fast, reliable uptime really is a must as web and e-commerce use grows and grows. Any server downtime can cost a business thousands of pounds in lost revenue and leads, so you need a company you can have faith in – that will be here for you and provide a quality service to match your needs.

With solid LAMP stack environment experience (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) we bring a good understanding around best practice techniques for deployment and server setup. Our working knowledge of HTML, CSS, Twitter Bootstrap & JavaScript frameworks ensures complete front and back-end delivery to your specification.

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