Custom Applications

Intrica provides web application development, project management and custom desktop application builds. We develop lasting relationships with clients, analysing their web or desktop needs, planning the project alongside the database design whilst implementing the system and managing the project’s long-term evolution and road-map. We use open source technologies that include PHP, MySQL, Perl, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Linux.

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Our custom application development has been built for a range of business sectors, including finance and the public sector. Our features and process include:

  • Establishing a detailed application specification through discussion with clients.
  • Clarifying the actions and functions the program is intended to perform.
  • Devising solutions and solving anticipated problems.
  • Combining all elements of the application design and testing.
  • Evaluating and increasing the applications effectiveness.
  • Conducting user testing to ensure the application can be used easily, quickly and effectively.
  • Continuous learning of new ways to develop applications and maintain existing skills and knowledge.
  • Updating, patching, modifying and developing existing software and generic applications.

What is custom application development?

Custom application development involves creating and designing applications for a specific user or even a group of users (such as your business organisation). This custom creation is to address specific needs within your organisation rather than what could be a standard piece of software used by everyone.

Why do you need custom applications?

  • it is made for your business and eliminates the need to change your business procedures to fit to a standard product.
  • incorporated in your existing business system and should avoid using multiple applications for different business functions
  • you may be able save on additional hardware costs as the custom application is designed with your infrastructure in mind and does not use additional features that are unnecessary
  • you can access support from the development team that built it so any problems can be resolved quickly
  • custom applications should reduce any security risk, such as hackers, a unique system is less inviting to a possible attack vectors.
  • you may own the rights of the custom application and can continue to use and even enhance the application if needed
Custom Application Development