E-commerce solutions

Our team has an experience in many e-commerce platforms and knowledge of how to optimise for online sales in both the site flow and in search engines, such as Google. We have expertise in a wide variety of platforms such as OpenCart, osCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce with custom e-commerce solutions also having been built by the team.

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What’s e-commerce?

E-commerce is the buying or selling of products and services online. Using a website as an online marketplace to sell to customers anywhere in the world could be a great way to do business.

If you know online selling is the way forward for your business, it’s best to start with a clear strategy to help you succeed and stay competitive.

You should always check the legal requirements that apply with online selling.

Rather than just offering a build solution which is fully mobile optimised, we can also advise on CRO (conversion rate optimisation), PPC (pay-per-per click advertising) and SEO (search engine optimisation) to offer you a complete all-in-one e-commerce solution.

With solid LAMP stack environment experience (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) we bring a good understanding around best practice techniques for deployment and server setup. Our working knowledge of HTML, CSS, Twitter Bootstrap & JavaScript frameworks ensures complete front and back end delivery to your specification.

Popular e-commerce platforms include:

OpenCart: Open source means transparent. OpenCart comes with free downloads and updates.

Benefits include a built-in SEO. Easy to use dashboard to manage products, customers, orders, tax rules, coupon codes and more.

WooCommerce is a platform offering customisation, an open-source e-commerce platform built on WordPress. You can get started quickly and make your way as you go along.

Both OpenCart and WooCommerce offer commercial themes and downloads that can enhance further your online commercial business and provide added functionality where required.