Service Levels

Service Levels

Server Infrastructure

Intrica servers are supported by a world-class automated infrastructure and superior technology enabling us to offer 99.95% up time SLA. Our network is aimed at offering quality hosting services and is hardened with multiple layers of security & reliability. At Intrica, we are engaged in delivering the best network performance in the industry with the help of our infrastructure and network, which is available to facilitate clients in all possible situations. Combined with our constant monitoring by highly qualified network team, we guarantee the smooth functioning of all network infrastructures including routers, switches, and cabling.

Intrica will ONLY be held responsible for its network and not for general conditions or issues on the Internet. Delays caused by backbone failures, congestion, and unavailability, interruption or delay in telecommunications, or third party services (including DNS propagation) resulting in degradation of service and high packet loss or similar conditions, cannot be guaranteed by Intrica as it is not covered in our service agreement.

Our Commitment

We will work hard to ensure you are more than satisfied with our service. If you have any cause for complaint, we would ask you to contact us at your earliest opportunity. We will get back to you within 8 hours either with a resolution, or for more complex issues, we will provide a plan including timescales for resolution of your problem. Please contact your account manager, normal support contact, or use the contact form for assistance.