Mobile App Development

We build progressive web and mobile apps for every major app store, with one codebase. Our apps work across many platforms with function and flow at the heart of the design process.

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Intrica provides mobile application development and web desktop application builds. Our apps can include features such as Geolocation, Camera, Local Storage, API interaction, Database Syncing and much more.

Our developers have acquired skills in a variety of computer programming languages and frameworks. They are able to use these skills to modify and create mobile applications that can interact with third party platforms and services. Creating a new application is typically a combination of multiple programs interlinked together for speed, stability and security. Our mobile developers work together in project teams, with the project work divided into sections or functions, our relationship with clients is paramount – communication and frequent updates are necessary to complete the perfect mobile app for you.

We translate your mobile app requirements into workable programming code and can maintain your application and offer new integration of new features as they hit the market. Our desktop and mobile applications can be written for a particular operating system, such as Windows, Android or iOS. Or built to cover numerous platforms including desktop, tablets and mobile phones.

The growth of apps and mobile/tablet usage has rocketed in recent years, as the percentage of online time spend increases on these type of devices. This trend is forecast to continue, so ensuring you are in this market is a great opportunity for growth for your company or product offering:

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